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29 March 2011 @ 08:09 pm
feels like it's been awhile  
so here's a quick update.

i've been meaning to get some blood tests done for awhile now - originally the appointment was two weeks ago but the nurse in charge asked me to reschedule since she had a family emergency. i have a lot of morning classes this semester so i'm only free every other tuesday, so the soonest after i could arrange an appointment was for today, and finally managed to get it done, after a fair amount of unnecessary drama that wasn't really drama, looking back, but it felt like it at the time.

i got up at 7:20 because my appointment was at 8:30. i was at the bust stop by 7:45, only to be kindly informed that the only bus that goes downtown only comes every half hour, and i would have to wait twenty minutes for it to arrive. (i'm used to taking three other bus routes that go to the center of the university's campus, and combined, those come every five minutes or so.) moreover, when the bus finally showed up - five minutes late, to boot - the bus driver decided now would be a good time to get a coffee and a pastry from tim horton's. and the tim horton's right by the bus stop is the WORST at this time, usually with a line-up of twenty-five to thirty sleepy students itching for caffeine before their next class.

not to mention i had to skip breakfast, so i was already getting hungry.

the bus finally started moving by 8:20, and i called up the hospital to tell them i was probably going to be late. they also informed me that if i came any later than 9, i would have to re-book the appointment since the test takes two hours and the nurse was only working for the morning.

needless to say, i was pretty pissed.

anyway, i managed to get there by 8:40, check in and was greeted by a "you made it!" before being allowed to settle in a reclining chair. i meant to study during the two hours, but combining my empty stomach with sleepiness, i ended up just dozing for most of it lol.

also, photo!

it was my first time every being hooked up to an IV! the test required the nurse to take a blood sample every half hour, so rather than stabbing me with a fresh needle every half hour, she stuck a tube in me in the beginning and when i wasn't having blood drawn out, the tube was attached to a bag filled with a saline solution, just to prevent it from clotting.

the test itself went pretty well. she also took my blood pressure in the beginning, and i was surprised when she said i had low blood pressure considering that normally it's pretty high...? but then i remembered it was early in the morning... i do have low blood pressure in the morning. XD so tired. the drug was also put in intravenously, and although she told me all the side-effects that were possible i didn't feel too bad. the main thing was that i was sleepy and hungry, but i didn't feel nauseous or anything, which was good. (but so many tubes of blood! she took about three baseline tubes, plus one for every half hour after for two hours - plus she had to drain out a little before taking the comparison blood, because otherwise there would be saline solution in the sample along with my blood. so in total, it looked like i gave about eight tubes... @__@ after that i went straight to a university cafeteria and pigged out.

at the office there were two other people getting work done too! though i'm pretty sure they were being given medication because she didn't draw any blood from them. there was an old lady who i think was there to get some kind of medication for osteoporosis? apparently you can get an IV drug that helps with that. and there was a young-ish looking guy there (older than me, but not that old) who i think was also getting some kind of treatment because the nurse was asking him how he was feeling and how his diet was going. both of them came in a little after me and left a little before i did.

ah, so sleepy... i was about to fall asleep in psychology and calculus... i think even after all the food i ate, i was still a bit dizzy from blood loss and lack of sleep. ^^;; really a lot of studying to do... my first final is in exactly two weeks!! really - i really... need to study for it.... ;______;

also, i dropped my dinner on the floor and had to throw it out today. ;___; it was something i brought from home, too... ;______;

hopefully tomorrow will be better...??

i've also been keeping some private entries on my computer, mostly ramblings about nothing when i'm in an overly emotional mood. might transfer them eventually... we'll see.
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